Short Courses

The 39th New Zealand Geothermal Workshop will offer two short courses before the workshop. These range from basic, introduction to geothermal technology through to more specialised tools to enhance and enrich your knowledge and skill sets.

-Geothermal Resource Decision Workshop: Volcano-hosted Conceptual Models

Best practice publications in the geothermal industry emphasize integrating geoscience data to build geothermal resource conceptual models as the basis for well targeting and resource capacity assessment at all stages of exploration and development. This workshop is directed at geoscientists, researchers, engineers and managers who wish to better appreciate how conventional (non-EGS) geothermal conceptual models are constructed and how they are used to support a resource decision risk assessment process.READ MORE

– X-Ray Techniques

While XRD is a very important tool for identifying and quantifying the mineralogy of crystalline compounds in rocks, soils, and other geological samples, the XRF and iTRAX core scanner are elemental and geochemical analysis techniques. The iTRAX Core Scanner is unique to New Zealand.  This course aims to introduce the fundamental principles and applications of X-ray Diffraction (XRD), X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) and iTRAX Core Scanner and how they can be used in geoscience. READ MORE


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